Chrome Alloy Steel balls

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Diameter size:0.25mm-200mm

Product description: The effect of chromium:Chromium is especially used to increase the hardness and wear resistance of stainless steel balls. Chromium is also well-known for its corrosion resistance. Steel with more than 12% chromium is considered stainless steel.

According to the chromium content, the cast steel balls can be divided into the following types:

1. Chromium content: 1% -3%, hardness: HRC 45. This standard wear-resistant steel ball is called low chromium alloy casting ball, low chromium balls are developed by medium frequency electric furnace smelting, metal mold or sand casting. Its performance is suitable for grinding precision requirements is not high, wear consumption is not big in some metallurgical mines, slag and other industries.

2. Chromium content: 4% -6%, hardness: HRC 47. This standard is called the multiple alloy ball, than the low chromium steel ball strength, wear resistance is slightly higher.

3. The chromium content of 7% -10% and HRC 50 hardness are medium chromium alloy cast ball, which is higher than multiple alloy steel ball.

4. Chromium content 10% -14%, hardness HRC 58, high chromium alloy casting ball, is the cement industry high utilization rate, good wear resistance is a wear resistance ball, a wide application range, but due to the high price and good performance caused by low cost performance is replaced by forging products caused by the market gradually decline.

5. Chromium content over 14% and hardness HRC 58. This is a special high chromium steel ball, suitable for grinding more detailed, large consumption of the industry, of course, its price is also quite high, the cost performance is slightly lower than the high chromium ball.

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