Carbon Steel solid balls

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Diameter size:0.25mm-50.8mm

Product description: Manufacturing of steel balls requires the presence of carbon. This is especially capable of forming carburns and perlite. The more carbon in stainless steel balls, the harder they become. In addition, this factor can also affect the wear resistance of the beads.

Carbon steel balls mainly include AISI1010,1015,1045,1065,1085, different carbon content, 1010 / 1015 is low carbon steel, 1045 / 1065 medium carbon steel, 1085 high carbon steel. Each of these three materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, and most of them are low carbon steel balls. Low carbon steel ball to meet the basic needs of customers, the price is low, has a certain hardness. Save costs, save expenses. 

Low carbon steel ball is divided into two kinds: low carbon steel ball without heat treatment, commonly known as iron ball, hardness in HRC 27, widely used in welding, counterweight, toys, hardware, electronics, etc., and the low carbon steel ball with heat treatment, commonly known as hard ball, hardness in HRC 58-65, widely used for grinding, simple bearings, hardware, etc.

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Data sheet:

carbon content

Low-carbon steel ball


Medium carbon steel ball


High carbon steel ball